About Us


Many other title insurance agencies have the interest of their affiliates as their priority. Patriot Land Transfer is a family owned and operated, independent title agency. With over 30 years experience in title insurance, we at Patriot Land Transfer, Inc. are specialists in all title matters, from handling residential and commercial transactions. First-time homebuyers, FHA/VA, 1031 exchanges, title clearance assistance, and difficult title matters are our specialty. Approved Attorneys are welcome.

We believe in educating our clients throughout the closing process, so that they become informed consumers. Almost all of our business comes from referrals or recommendations from past clients, real estate agents, lenders, lawyers, builders and informed consumers. All of us at Patriot Land do our homework so you don’t have to. Our staff is acquainted with all phases of a real estate transaction. With backgrounds in Banking, Quality Assurance, Hospitality, Real Estate Sales, Mortgage Banking and Mortgage Brokerage, our employees function as a team to serve the various needs of our clients.


We take pride in serving our community. Since 1996 we have made it our goal to provide a service that puts the consumer first. By doing this we have remained in business and continue to grow purely from client referrals and returning customers.

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